“Arteta” Chutukel fights monsoon on guns, asks for donations to help Ukraine

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Arsenal FC values ​​all humanity affected by the Russo-Ukrainian war. With head coach Mikel Arteta expressing sympathy for Che’s head coach Thomas Tuchel. LC. Who was tail on the aforementioned story. The artillery organization is inviting Gunners around the world to donate to help victims of war.

Due to the British government announce. That Roman Abramovich team owner ‘ Sing the Blues ‘ is one of the seven Russian businessmen. That was add to the blacklist Being subject to sanctions ( property control , transaction restrictions , entry restrictions, etc. ). Until the team is unable to move at all except playing football ufabet.   

It is a difficult situation that a head coach like Tuchel has to control the army to face awkward and uncertainty. So what Arteta can do with his co-stars is show sympathy.  

” I think this is a difficult situation for the manager. And I see that he will try to support the team to produce the best possible performance.He said before the Leicester game ( 13 March ) .

“ To be honest, Tuchel has always acte and didn’t try to get involved in the sensitive issue you’re referring to. ” 

Arsenal have launched a campaign to invite ‘ Cannon ‘ fans around the world to show their solidarity to help victims of the war in Ukraine. Make a donation to the local humanitarian charity fund. hope to get through this terrible event

Both before the kick-off ball at the Emirates Stadium tomorrow. Leicester will ask for cooperation from everyone in the stadium to show solidarity and applaud the Ukrainian population.