Juventus beat Cagliari 2-1 Vlahovic wins

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Juventus beat Cagliari 2-1 in Serie A on Saturday.

At the Sardegna Arena, just 10 minutes later, Cagliari took the lead 1-0 in the moment Razvan Marin pass the ball for Joao Pedro to press. With the left to pass the ball into the net ufabet.

The game went on until the 23rd minute. Zebra equalized. Luca Pellegrini’s shot deflected. Adrien Rabiot changed the doorway. But not due to being caught offside by VAR.

Juventus continued to push forward in the 31st minute, missing a golden opportunity, Paolo Dybala spun a free kick over the wall. But the ball was only slightly behind the post.

However, in the 45th minute, the Bianconeri equalized 1-1 from the moment Juan Cuadrado open a corner kick into the gun. Matthijs de Ligt crashing into the net.

Two minutes later, Juve sent the ball in again thanks to Giorgio Chiellini. But not because the offside flag was raised.

The zebra overtakes the lead 2-1 in the 75th minute as the coordination of Paulo Dybala makes. The way for Dujan Vlajovic to press with the left plug into the net.

At the end of the game, Juventus beat Cagliari 2-1, collecting 3 points, retaining their 4th position, five points behind AC Milan.