Lloris pleads for chicken disciples to give Conte time to form a team to the stars

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Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris has been impress with his time working with head coach Antonio Conte 3-4 months ago. Then believe that the ufabet club has the right coach. Next, I want the executives and disciples to grit their teeth and endure it for a while. The long-awaited championship trophy is guarantee to arrive.

‘ Golden Spikes ‘ have been abandone since the 2008 League Cup, drawing Conte. Whose work history has been link to success, is full of expectations. But this season it has been eliminate from three football trophies. Causing the fans to attack on social media , causing the Italian coach to feel hurt.  

However , Lloris would like to be a voice to remind fans of the Angels coaches who can’t turn their backs on Spurs, so having a world-class coach like Conte take over the reins is the best. You just have to keep calm and give it time to work.

“ It is very important to remain calm under any circumstances. Even if I can understand that some situations are upsetting. ” An open mouth with ‘ Sky Sports ‘ .

“ Whenever you feel like you have to play as well as you used to. But the next one withered down. It can be very frustrating. But we are looking for consistency. ”

“ Showing the same movie roll with a good match , get the same result. because it boosts confidence There is no doubt that this kind of stuff has to depend on quality as well. ”

“ In the past, there have been many irregular matches, losing too often, like the 5-0 thrashing of Everton as an example , playing as a team in front of our fans. to fix the face after the nest was destroyed before. ”

If you take only the same period when Conte took charge of Spurs, playing 16 games with 30 points , it is considered acceptable . Ranked fifth in this table.