Tottenham Hotspur to overtake Arsenal to finish fourth in the English Premier League

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Sky Sports analyst Gary Neville challenges Tottenham Hotspur to overtake Arsenal to finish fourth in the English Premier League. While cutting off the Champions League season quota. page That’s because artillery personnel, from head coach to subordinates, seem so innocent when faced with stressful situations ufabet.

‘ Cannon ‘ lost comfortably to ‘ Golden Spikes Tottenham Hotspur ‘ 0-3 yesterday at 4. But there is more than one point while remaining 2 matches, final day, squeeze the heart. 

That made the former Manchester United defender see that the pressure was going to consume Arteta’s team and the next game was very much behind the odds.

” Anyone would want the rest of Tottenham’s line -up – at home to Burnley and away to Norwich, ” Neville told ‘ Sky Sports ‘ podcast.

“ Arsenal go to Newcastle on Monday night , it would be doubly difficult if Spurs were to win the pressure on Sunday. ”        

” Where the  ‘ Cannons ‘  ended their home game against Everton, if at that point the  ‘ Toffee Blues ‘  still need a point equal to Arteta’s  two  hard games .      

” I think Spurs’ win over Burnley forced Arsenal to have two  final  games but didn’t believe they would succeed. ”        

“ Last night was a huge disaster  –  maybe I was wrong but I’m neutral between these  two  teams. But deep down, if you have to place a bet, you will choose Tottenham ”  

Sky Bet increases the price of Arsenal, finishing top  4  to  4/5 ( stabbing  5  , paying  4  , not including capital )  , but reducing Tottenham to  10/11 ( stabbing  11  , paying  10  , not including capital )